5台のピアノのための音楽/2台のピアノと4本の管楽器(ホセ・マセダ作曲、1993/1996)Music for Five Pianos / Two Pianos and Four Winds (composed by José Maceda, 1993/1996)

ジョセフィーノ・チノ・トレド、高橋アキ、高橋悠治、寺嶋陸也、入川舜、佐藤祐介、田中香織、笹崎雅通、有馬純晴、村田厚生Josefino Chino Toledo, Aki Takahashi, Yuji Takahashi, Rikuya Terashima, Shun Irikawa, Yusuke Sato, Kaori Tanaka, Masamichi Sasazaki, Sumiharu Arima, Kousei Murata

KAAT神奈川芸術劇場 ホールKAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre Hall
〒231-0023 横浜市中区山下町281Map281 Yamashita-cho, Yokohama 231-0023 Map
2.11 Mon 18:00
上演時間Run Time 55分 + 転換55 min + intermission
2.11 Mon 18:00
上演時間Run Time 55分 + 転換55 min + intermission




Adv & Door¥4,000





Cooperation: Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.

Made possible in partnership with the UP Center for Ethnomusicology.


Although José Maceda studied piano with Alfred Cortot at École Normale de Musique de Paris, he was eventually drawn into ethnomusicology and began composing for Filipino indigenous instruments such as gongs and bamboo. Music for Five Pianos (1993) was his first piano piece, written at the earnest request of Aki Takahashi. Maceda combined the philosophy and structure of Southeast Asian music with Western notation, stretching the norms of piano music in the process. This special presentation of Maceda’s piano works will feature pianists Aki Takahashi and Yuji Takahashi, and conductor Josefino Chino Toredo, all close and frequent collaborators with Maceda.

ジョセフィーノ・チノ・トレド(指揮)Josefino Chino Toledo (Conductor)

作曲家/指揮者、フィリピン大学作曲・楽理科教授、メトロ・マニラ・コンサート・オーケストラ、Grupo 20/21モジュラー・ミュージック・アンサンブル、U.P. シンフォニー・オーケストラ音楽監督/指揮者。指揮者としてフィリピンとアジア諸国の作曲家の作品をフィリピン、日本、インドネシア、オーストラリア、中国などで初演。最近では新作『Agos』がニュー・ジュリアード・アンサンブルの2018シーズンのオープニング・コンサートで初演された。

Composer-conductor Josefino Chino Toledo is a professor at the Department of Composition and Theory, the University of the Philippines, and the music director / conductor of Metro Manila Concert Orchestra, Grupo 20/21 Modular Music Ensemble and U.P. Symphony Orchestra. As a conductor, he has premiered works of Filipino and Asian composers in the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and China. His new composition Agos was recently premiered by the New Juilliard Ensemble in the opening concert of its 2018 season.

高橋アキ(ピアノ)Aki Takahashi (piano)


MA at Tokyo University of the Arts. The first recital in 1970, and the first European tour in 1972 playing at Berliner Festspiele and Festival d’automne à Paris. Her three-disc record Aki Takahashi Piano Space received the Merit Prize at the Japan Art Festival in 1973. Played a series of Erik Satie concerts with Kuniharu Akiyama from 1975 to 77. Artist-in-residence at SUNY Buffalo from 1980 to 81. Produced the “New Ears” concert series in Yokohama from 1983 to 97. Has released a number of CDs featuring Schubert, Satie and many other composers.

高橋悠治(ピアノ)Yuji Takahashi (piano)

作曲・演奏とフリーの即興/1960年草月アートセンター/1974〜76年季刊誌「トランソニック」/1978〜85年「水牛楽団」「水牛通信」/著書:『高橋悠治/コレクション1970年代』『音の静寂 静寂の音』(平凡社)『きっかけの音楽』『カフカノート』(みすず書房)

studied composition with Shibata Minao, Ogura Roh and Iannis Xenakis; 1974–76 edited quarterly «tranSonic»; 1976– collaboration with the painter Tomiyama Taeko producing several narrative works with slides and music; 1978–1985 the Suigyu Band (Water Buffalo Band) for Asian protest songs and published monthly «Suigyu Tsushin»; 1990–2006 composing for voices and for Japanese traditional instruments; 2007– composing and playing the piano as always

Illustration by Genichiro Yagyu

寺嶋陸也(ピアノ)Rikuya Terashima (piano)


Graduated from the Department of Composition, Faculty of Music, and the Graduate School of Music at Tokyo University of the Arts. Such projects as his performance with the Opera Theater Konnyakuza and a composer portrait “Cultural Exchange of the East and the West” at the Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris in 2003 were highly acknowledged. He has composed many operas, chamber and choral pieces, and has been actively playing the piano and conducting. He has released a number of CDs including Continent, Peninsula, Islands – Works of Rikuya Terashima (ALCD-9026).

入川舜(ピアノ)Shun Irikawa (piano)


Graduated from the Piano course, Faculty of Music, and the Graduate School of Music at Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied piano accompaniment at Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris and Conservatoire national supérieur de musique de Paris. Passed the “Masters of Shizuoka” audition. Received Matsukata Music Prize and Aoyama Baroque Saal Prize. His CD Japanese Piano Sonatas released from Mittenwald participated in the Agency for Cultural Affairs National Arts Festival. Since 2011, he has been playing ambitious concerts including all the études by Debussy.

佐藤祐介(ピアノ)Yusuke Sato (piano)

14歳よりピアノの本格的なレッスンを始め、15歳でリサイタルデビュー。第10回現代音楽演奏コンクール‘競楽X’において優勝を果たし、第22回朝日現代音楽賞及び聴衆賞を受賞し注目を浴びる。その他、フランスをはじめ国内外での数多くの受賞歴をもつ。バロックから新作までを取り上げたシリーズ“PIANO EPOCH”を継続中。レコーディングも積極的に行っており、カメラータ・トウキョウなどのレーベルからアルバムをリリース。

Started to take full-fledged piano lessons at the age of 14, and debuted at 15. Won the first prize at the 10th Kyou-Gaku contemporary music performance concours and received the 22nd Asahi Contemporary Music Award and Audience Award. He has also received numerous awards in France and other areas in the world. He has been working on a series “Piano Epoch” featuring from baroque pieces to new works, and actively recording, releasing albums from labels including Camerata Tokyo.

田中香織(クラリネット)Kaori Tanaka (Clarinet)


Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music and Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel. The first prize at the 78th Japan Music Concours, the second prize at the second Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition, and the second prize at the third Torino International Music Concours. As a soloist she has performed with Sinfonieorchester Basel, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra. After working in Europe for ten years, she returned to Japan in autumn 2014 and has been working in the fields of solo and chamber music. Lecturer at Kunitachi College of Music and ex-lecturer at Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel.

笹崎雅通(バスーン)Masamichi Sasazaki (bassoon)

東京芸術大学別科修了の後フリーのファゴット奏者として活動。元藝大フィルハーモニア副首席奏者。国内外のオーケストラにエキストラや客演首席奏者としての出演を重ねるほか、ミュージカルやスタジオ収録等幅広く活動。草津国際音楽祭、アジア音楽祭 in 東京、宮崎国際音楽祭等の公演に出演。室内オーケストラARCUSメンバー。ファゴットをロルフ・テュアマン、岡崎耕治の両氏に師事。

Graduated from the Practical Music Course of Tokyo University of the Arts and works as a freelance bassoon player. He was the associate principal player of the Geidai Philharmonia Orchestra, Tokyo, and has played as an extra or a guest principal player with Japanese and international orchestras as well as for musical plays and studio recordings. Participated in Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy & Festival, Asian Music Festival in Tokyo and Miyazaki International Music Festival. A member of a chamber orchestra ARCUS. Studied bassoon with Rolf Thürmann and Koji Okazaki.

有馬純晴(ホルン)Sumiharu Arima (horn)


Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and joined Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in 1983, where he has been the principal player since 1986. Studied in London in 1989. Since 1996 he has been playing a number of contemporary pieces as a member of Tokyo Sinfonietta. Participated in major festivals in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Egypt and Venezuela. Released three CDs from Tokyo Horn Club and Alexander Horn Ensemble Japan, to which he belongs. He was the vice president of Japan Horn Society for ten years since 2001.

村田厚生(トロンボーン)Kousei Murata (trombone)

桐朋学園大学音楽学部卒業。ドイツ学術交流会(DAAD)給費留学生としてベルリン芸術大学卒業。内外の主要な現代音楽祭に出演。「コンテンポラリー・デュオ 村田厚生 & 中村和枝」、サクバットを使用した「過去にある現在」等シリーズリサイタルで活動中。昨年はドイツ、スイス5都市でもリサイタルを行った。ソロ・アルバム『Just Sing』、自作を含む前衛作品を収録した『Slide Paranoia』をリリース中。桐朋学園芸術短期大学非常勤講師。

Studied and graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music, then the Berlin University of Arts as a recipient of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholar. Has performed in major contemporary music festivals in Japan and internationally, and has been working on such series of recitals as “Contemporary Duo: Kousei Murata and Kazue Nakamura” and “The Present in the Past” using the sackbut. Played in five cities in Germany and Switzerland in 2017. His solo album Just Sing and Slide Paranoia that features avant-garde works including his own work have been released. Part-time teacher at Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music.